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Nyaman Gallery & KU DE TA present:

YOKII – Repo Art Exhibition

YOKII is an Australian artist who has been living and creating in Bali for more than a decade. Always a creative soul, YOKII has been creating art through paintings and screen printing since he was as young as twelve years old. Through this phenomenal collection, YOKII reveals his most personal and intimate take on Bali, the island which culture inspires him deeply, through extremely contemporary approaches, achieved as the result of years of various experimentation. In this exhibition, sand art is highlighting YOKII`s breakthrough in the mastery of image transferring, showing fresh and innovative technique, and harmoniously combine it with nature.    

Through his body of work, YOKII is interested in the idea of highlighting the spectrum of variability resulting from a process of manual repetition through his elaborate pointillist stencils. His hand painted embellishments contrast the controlled process of stenciling with its spontaneous bursts of color. In a way, these images bring to mind a series of moving pictures, with a different feel and emotion contained within each frame, which bear resemblance to one another but never really quiet the same.

REPO is an English born surf photographer who is also well known for his distinct works in music and fashion photography. With twenty years of experience and a wide portfolio including shooting and following Metallica as well as Queens of the Stone Age, Repo traveled the world before ultimately making his way to Bali where he resides since 2007.

Both artists are long-time Bali friends and just started to collaborate in creative works.

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