“He is in love with life. His work is a true reflection of a dreamer, who never stops conjuring tricks with painting, colors and shapes. He is the conjurer of the soul.”

– Marie-Helene Grinfeder –

A former photographer turned painter, Jean-Michel Aucler does not confine his life in rigid terms, choosing to split his time in Paris and traveling the world. His decades of experience illustrating for top fashion houses in Paris informs the art that he creates today which not only incorporates, but highlight the vintage batik, and various printed textiles that he has collected throughout his travels across Asia.

Layers upon layers of colors and patterns co-exist with vibrant lines on crumpled paper, symbolizing the artist’s inherent sense of harmony and balance. His signature portraits feature intriguing compositions that undoubtedly resulted from his background in photography. Rarely assigning names to his artworks, he allows his large, mixed media collage portraits to speak for themselves, and with them a story is told of a master artist with a deep respect and passion for his craft. Jean-Michel Aucler’s works create a cultural bridge between the Eastern and Western iconography that continue to inspire his works.

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