Mein Lieber Prost


His mission is to awaken people from their zombified states of reality, to raise awareness of one`s surroundings, to make them notice how consumerism has taken its toll, and to simply, make people smile.

Like it was already written in the havens, Prost discovered art at the age of five, by scribbling round happy faces on his childhood home floor with his father`s motorbike oil. Since then, he just couldn`t wipe that grin off his face.

Simple Is Not Easy

Before adopting his signature simple and effective style, Prost, went to art & design schools in Berlin (one of which he received a cum laude), and learnt the techniques of drawing details. He had also explore various different styles before realized that simplicity does not necessarily means easy. Taking up this challenge on himself, the artist started to perfect his Prostie character, drawing it over and over again until it is simply perfect.

Prostie character grew up in the walls of Berlin. The iconic smiles, big and small, hides in doorways and high on the roofs, sending strong messages subtly, inciting passers-by to see things in a different perspective, to question the system and society, to think.

For a more than a decade, with over 500+ advertising billboards busted, and Prosties characters spreading fun throughout the city, leaving almost no misleading, abusive and sexist advertising unpunished, Prost has become the voice of the streets of Berlin.

Having numerous solo exhibitions in galleries in Berlin, Prost`s work creatively covers and combines various sorts of mediums including canvas, wood, paper, cardboard, billboard, walls, and abandoned spring beds. Our ‘street-artivist’ has also participated in art fairs in Munich, Bristol and Vienna.

One other form of art Prost is passionate about is his one-liner: a picture drawn in one line. Once again a simple concept full of thoughts. As he puts it, ”Drawing one liner is like living life. One chance, you don`t erase, you regret nothing, you keep moving on, and finish what you started.”

“I am a happy anarchist, not an angry vandal!”

Still carrying his witty smile, Prost has chosen Bali as a change of scenery from the concrete jungle of Berlin. With delicate yet significant gestures, Prost conveys a lot of feelings and thoughts of his island surroundings. Bali is a magical place where modernity struggles to evolve around a culture of thousands of years old. With his signature humor and satire, Prost offers questions and reflections, adding more colors to the island of the gods.



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